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10 November 2005
Blair's shafting
The House of Commons voted last night to defeat Tiny Tony's attempt to allow the police to detain people without trial for 90 days. To make matters even more delightful, his fallback position of 60 days was also rejected by the Commons, who settled for the Tory compromise of 28 days.

It is not as if the state does not have enough powers already. If the police cannot abuse the powers that they have in 28 days then they are not the over-stuffed thugs that most working people think they are. They can always use the Mental Health Act to detain people, and if they are feeling really lazy, just gun them down on the street.

By the way, just in case any NewLab types are looking in, "Rachel" who survived the London bombings in July has this to say about Blair and his bill:

" I do not see why this ill-thought out macho posturing, which can only destabilise and divide us, by robbing men and women of the ancient and fundemental right of habeas corpus, and making sections of the community afraid, is going to defeat terror."

a minor point, but I thought it was the David Winnick amendment that was passed ... he's hardly a tory (even in your book!)

13 November 2005 at 03:04  

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