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24 November 2005
Blair is "Bush's lapdog," say parents of dead soldier.
The parents of Sergeant John 'Jonah' Jones, the 98th British soldier to die in Tony Blair's desire to appease a foreign ruler, have spoken out against the war in general and Blair in particular: "Tony Blair should have his kids out there and then he would know how it feels. He is just Bush's lapdog. It was an unjust war to start with. It's going to be like America's Vietnam," said 62 year old Ray Jones, the dead man's father.

As the death toll in Blair's war creeps towards the first one hundred mark, the Stop The War Coalition are preparing to demonstrate in one hundred towns and cities in the UK on the day after this tragic, senseless milestone is reached. On the actual day itself, the Military Families Against The War will mount a protest in Parliament Square.

If you live in the UK your support is needed. The hand shandyists for war must learn that they only speak for a tiny handful of people. They are not the voice of the majority.

This is a serious question. Is it REALLY that, in less than three years of fighting, fewer than 100 British soldiers have died that has your knickers in knots?

I've got to believe that there's more to it than that. PLEASE tell me that it's not JUST that you haven't the stomach for fewer than 100 deaths of soldiers that signed up to fight against freedom's enemies in the first place? Tell me you've got more balls than THAT.

24 November 2005 at 23:03  

You clearly haven't been reading the blog, have you, lad? If you had you would know that there is a lot more to it than that.

Now go off and read, there's a good boy.

24 November 2005 at 23:27  

No, I haven't been reading. You clearly consider the Iraq war to be illegitimate. I don't agree but let that pass for the moment. What would legitimate a war with a country like Iraq or Iran or North Korea? Are there any legitimate wars in your opinion?

25 November 2005 at 00:08  

Specifically, had we found stockpiles of wmd, would that have legitimized the war for you?

25 November 2005 at 00:10  

States are entitled to defend themselves against aggression, so the war that Iraq is waging against the USA is clearly legitimate. Thus if the USA attacks North Korea or Iran, then I would find something to say in favour of those countries.

Finding WMD would not have altered the position.

As a British socialist who lives in Mexico, I also have a whole tranche of reasons for wanting to see the USA battered, bleeding and bankrupt, but we'll let those pass for the moment. Reading back through the blog will give you those answers, anyway.

25 November 2005 at 00:51  

Tells me all I need to know. Thanks. Bye now.

25 November 2005 at 01:05  


25 November 2005 at 06:16  

And speaking of wankerism... Not being brit, I'm not absolutely certain what "hand shandy" is. They are related, right?

25 November 2005 at 06:22  

Yeah, indeed they are... A shandy is a mixture of beer and lemonade. It tends to be very frothy. A hand shandy is a wank, as you already guessed.

25 November 2005 at 07:35  

Craig is what we in the States call a wingnut. He worships the Chimperor and cannot tolerate any questioning of his religion. Thankfully, he doesn't stop by and read Reconstitution anymore.

27 November 2005 at 02:44  

A wingnut... OK, in Northern England they are known as wazzocks.

I like wingnut - it's new to my vocabulary!

27 November 2005 at 08:19  

ON second thoughts, a wazzock is a fool or idiot. A wingnuit seems to be - if I read you correctly - an ultra-patriotic GOP supporter?

27 November 2005 at 08:37  

A wingnut is a worshipper-"patriotism" to them means adhering to the line of the day from El Shrubbo, whether or not it is ultimately destructive to the country, and they see every dissenter as an "America hater."

There is no way to reason with someone who belongs to a cult.

27 November 2005 at 11:08  

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