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26 November 2005
Blair gets shafted from across the Atlantic
It is tough being an arse-licker as Tony Blair has already found out. It's even tougher when people in the country you arse-licked start shafting you.

According to Joe Wilson, the former ambassador whose wife was outed as a CIA agent, little Tony was duped into supporting action against Iraq on the basis that it was all about disarmament via the United Nations, and not a war of aggression to change the government of a sovereign state. Once little Tony had served his purpose, Wilson said he was "double-crossed," and pretty much left with his dick in his hand to sort things out in London as best he could.

If this account is true then Blair is not just a dupe, he is a dupe who hurried to catch up with his master's new line once it became clear to him what it was. It does not seem to have troubled him that Washington was playing him like a violin: all that mattered was that he kept getting pats on the head from his master. What a good little doggie he is!

Doesn't the UK have the guillotine? Or is that France?

26 November 2005 at 22:11  

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