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26 October 2005
Why the blog?
I have been thinking about starting a blog for months, but indolence always prevented it from happening. It is said that hard work never hurt anyone, but I prefer not to take any chances. Two things happened to change my mind:

1. No matter what the cakewalkers may say, the war against Iraq is going badly for them. Their stooges in the UK are trying to put a brave face on things, but victory for Iraq cannot be long delayed. Former Polytechnic Revolutionists who have now seen the light may find it hard to believe, but the war's end will lead to major political upheaval in the UK. Their day is done, along with that of Blair and the whole odious creed known as New Labour. I want to add my tu'pence to that debate.

2. Living in Latin-America has given me a different outlook on life from the one that I had in the UK. Socialism and nationalism go hand in hand over here and this is a theme that I would like to address on this blog. Put simply, the people who opposed the war tended to be from the traditional (economically based) left and the old right. Maybe we have more in common than just a war?

So these are the motives for the blog, but I will comment on other things as the mood takes me. It's my toy after all...


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