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29 October 2005
Plamegate: Avoiding The Issue.
It's nice to see the right try to either muddy the waters or just ignore the issue of Lewis Libby's indictment altogether, but I don't think it's going to work, lads.

Muddying the waters is probably the daftest strategy. However much the right may try to hide behind Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald's words that "this indictment is not about the war," that is exactly what it is about. Had the Bush regime not wanted to wage a war of aggression against Iraq, then the need to fabricate evidence for that war would not have been needed. It was needed, but Joe Wilson refused to provide the necessary lies, so his wife was outed as a CIA operative as an act of revenge. It is the coverup from that act which will form the basis of Libby's trial.

Looking ahead, it is not too speculative to posit a rising American death rate in Iraq coupled with a deficit that reaches Argentinian levels. Add to those factors a regime that is more concerned with preventing its senior members from becoming bad boys' boyfriends in the federal nick, and you have a recipe for a quite wonderful disaster.

Yes, it makes far more sense to ignore this whole matter. Pretend it doesn't exist and concentrate of George Galloway. The problem is, lads, that almost a 100 British soldiers are dead and over three billion quid is down the toilet all because you and tossers like you wanted to play silly buggers. Do you think that this is going to be forgotten?

Have you any idea how much I am going to enjoy watching NewLab get flushed down the toilet?

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