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28 October 2005
The Oracle Speaks.
I have just had a nice long chat with the Oracle of Delphi and this is what she reports. As you might expect with oracles, dates and timings are not very exact.

She reports that there is going to be a "spectacular" as she called it. She declined to be more specific, but I was led to believe that this could be a major attack on the occupation forces or a bombing. Whatever it is this spectacular will leave the occupation authorties gasping for breath as they survey the damage.

The Oracle then made it clear that this would not lead to the final push that would see everyone in Iraq piling in to kill Americans: rather she saw it as the start of a second front that would weaken imperialism economically. Things became vague once again so I was not clear if she was talking about Venezuela switching its oil sales into euros, or a cabal of Asian central banks pulling the plug on the T-bill.

I asked her about the indictment of Lewis Lewis today, but I only got a hollow laugh in return. "Do not be distracted by those who wish only distraction," the lady replied.

"Does this mean that the issue will be settled in the field," I asked?

The Oracle's reply was muffled and I could not make out her words, but I did hear a cat, purring contentedly in the background.

I asked her about the warmongers who had got us into this mess, spending a total of £3 billion that any decent Labour government would have spent on rebuilding Britain's wrecked industries, but I heard no answer. All I heard was raucus laughter from the Oracle and her attendents. Laughter that went on and on. . .

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