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26 October 2005
George Galloway
George Galloway was slung out of the NewLab Party for stating the obvious truth: the war against Iraq was a war of aggression. He called upon the peoples of Iraq - and Arabia - to unite against this aggression. He pointed out to the armed forces that they had a duty to refuse to obey illegal orders. Given that an RAF officer is now on trial by court martial for refusing to fight in this war, Galloway's "crime" may simply turn out to be that he was the first to articulate a view that many others now hold.

However, that probably does not explain the vitriol that is aimed at Galloway's head. The attacks on him are far to personal for that. I can think of three reasons why the the brave boys of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders loath him so much.

The first is that Galloway was right and they were wrong. He said that Iraq would fight, but the warmongers chose to believe that "This will be no war - there will be a fairly brief and ruthless military intervention." As the American death toll climbs over 2,000 it is obvious that Galloway was right and they were wrong and that must really hurt.

Secondly, Galloway is a working class bloke from Glasgow who used to be a boxer. He wears flash suits and smokes Cuban cigars. He was loud and rude to the U.S. Senate and such things can never be tolerated. He does not play by the rules that the warmongers have tried to set, in other words. Galloway uses people like this as toilet paper, wipes his arse on them and then laughs at their discomfort.

Finally, our warmongering friends know, deep down in their little tums, that NewLab is nothing more than Tony Blair's temporary takeover of a party that George Galloway has far more right to belong to than Blair will ever have. As Iraq falls further and further from imperialism's orbit, so their hold on Labour gets weaker and weaker. They know that when the recriminations start it will not be George Galloway who has to answer for a lost war and a disgraced country. It will be them. Hitting Galloway is all they have left...

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